Princeton Class Book, 1860

Princeton Class Book, 1860

Selected Past Exhibitions:

Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War

The Message and the Messenger, Lee Gallery, 2015

Civil Rights: Photographs of the Movement for Equality in America 1956-1968, Fall 2014

Karl Struss, The AIPAD Photography Show, 2014

Ilse Bing, November 2012

Heinrich Kuhn, The AIPAD Photography Show, 2011

Henry Peter Bosse, Views Along the Mississippi, Spring 2010

Carleton Watkins, Photographs of Kern County, California, Spring 2010

Brassai and Bing: Photographs of Paris, Winter 2010

Photographs from the Jonathan Stein Collection

Recent Acquisitions, May-July, 2008

Edouard Baldus, 19th Century French Photographs, September-October, 2007

Family: Photographs by Gertrude Kasebier, May-July, 2007

Where We Lived: Vintage Photographs by Walker Evans, Wright Morris, Paul Strand, Alfred Stieglitz & others, March-April, 2007

Ilse Bing: Early Work, Fall 2006

19th Century American Photographs: Photographs by George Kendall Warren, Frederick DeBourg Richards, and others, Spring 2006

American Gothic: Mid-Western Photography by Dorothea Lange, Wright Morris, John Szarkowski, and others, September-October, 2005

Photo-Secessionists: Stieglitz and his Circle, Vintage Photographs by Coburn, Kuhn, Steichen, Stieglitz, and others, May-June, 2005

California Landscape: Vintage Photographs by Watkins, Dassonville, Lange, Noskowiak, and Simpson, 1865-1940

Bill Brandt: Vintage Photos, Summer, 2004

Brett Weston, Berenice Abbott, Ilse Bing, and others: Vintage Photographs of NYC from the 1930s and 1940s, August-September, 2003

War is Hell: Vintage Photographs of World War II

Pittsburgh: Vintage Photographs by W. Eugene Smith from 1955-1958, Septemeber-November, 2001

Black in White America: Photographs by Leonard Freed of African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement from the 1960s, November-December, 2000

Walker Evans: 50 Photographs from 1929 to 1950, February-April, 2000

Berenice Abbott: Vintage Photographs of New York from the 1930s, September-November, 1999

Naturalist Photography, 1880 to 1920: Photographs by Emerson, Sutcliffe, Ulmann, Dow, and others, September 1998